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Want to discover your life’s calling, find work you love, and make all your BIG DREAMS come true?

You’re in the right place.

Amber is a qualified teacher & adult education trainer with spellbinding coaching skills, & a treasure trove of proven strategies to help you become the person you were always meant to be!


THE ENCHANTMENT RATIO: How to Find Your Calling

Jump with both feet into Amber’s Signature Course today.

She is a magical alchemist and storyteller, and this experience will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Find your purpose and passion

Come Alive!

Amber is a catalyst that can help you make real, sustainable changes in your life.

Her signature self-development strategies are game-changers that can shift and move you forward and out of that boring, repetitive rut when it feels like nothing will ever help.

Powerful lasting change starts with simple tweaks.

Follow her actionable steps to:

“Don't ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that,
because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

Make Your BIG DREAMS Come True!

Her creative courses and inspirational books are CHOCK A BLOCK FULL of practical guidance that can also help you to:



Take the Short Cut
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Professional Resume Writing Course

Want to know how to write a winning resume?

Check out Amber’s BIG DREAMS Collective YOUTUBE Channel for:

  • all the best resume tips from recruiters
  • FREE career coaching guidance
  • job search strategy tips, and plenty more.

Or, book in with Amber & her team for the Ultimate Resume Revamp.

Trust Amber’s team of professional resume writing experts to make your resume stand out from crowd so you never miss a dream interview opportunity again!

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Best Resume Writing Course Online for Resume Help

Or learn how to write a winning resume by joining Amber live in her popular “resume writing” course.

Want to learn all the tips for resume writing?

In this online course, she teaches you everything she knows about great resume writing and beating the ATS system as she leads you step by step through the process AND holds you accountable to get the job done over 5 short workshops.


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FEELING GOOD (and calm and peaceful) is the key to flow & manifesting all your BIG DREAMS and making them come true.

In fact, the ONE AND ONLY TASK on your To-Do list today should be to “feel good”.

That’s it.

Everything else begins from that place.

Just a minute or two of “feeling good” is the start.

Practice this one daily task, and you’re ON YOUR WAY to reaching your big dreams with the help of a good-natured, benevolent universe who wants your wishes, hopes and goals to come true as much as you do.

But… “feeling good” is often easier said than done.

How do you even do that?

Where do you start?

A REAL TIME dose of Amber’s optimism and positivity, generous encouragement, & enthusiastic energy VIA HER SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS might be just the tonic you need to shift your mood, elevate your vibration and get back on track.

Don’t waste another moment feeling blue, hopeless, full of brain fog, exhausted, or overwhelmed with uncertainty of what to do next.

Amber’s social channels are FULL of “FEEL GOOD” strategies
and habits you can use to change your life for good.




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    Fun, random, quirky adventures that are good for the soul!

  • Colour, creating joy, and the beloved artist, Mary Blair

  • Organisation, planning, the art of decluttering and IKEA!

  • Japanese “kawaii” cuteness

  • Australian native flowers

  • Scandinavian & Mid-Century styling & architecture

  • Steiner Waldorf education – education through an artistic lens

  • Disney Parks around the World and Disney restaurants

  • All things CHRISTMAS!

Change your Life for Good. Today is the Day!

Amber is your best friend and cheerleader rolled in one.

She’ll help you believe in YOUR ability to do the hard, scary things.

She’ll set you up with science-backed, proven habits for results

She’ll give you strategies to clear out what’s clogging up your life, so you can focus without distraction, and reclaim lost hours from your day

She’ll show you how to set better goals (big, juicy ones!) AND give you the tools, and a clear action plan of steps to achieve them

She’ll help you FIRE UP your creative spark for bigger, better, bolder ideas

She’ll give you the power to FLIP YOUR INNER NARRATIVE and change your story once and for all, so you can bypass the naysayers (including your own sabotaging voice) and embrace your personal growth with arms wide open!

She’ll encourage, motivate, inspire, and push you along when the going gets tough.

And most importantly, she’ll CELEBRATE your every success and win with you too!

Start your adventure in self-development with Amber today. Become the next success story we celebrate in our BIG DREAMS COLLECTIVE.

When is NOW a good time?

Let’s begin.

Take the Passion Finder Quiz to Get Started

It’s never too late to become what you should have been.

The world needs your talents, skills & gifts in the way only YOU can deliver them.

Start the quiz and begin the next part of your life story today.

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Most Popular “Design your Dream Life” inspiration!


Teacher Resource Guides

Amber is an experienced Early Childhood Educator Specialist and Mentor.

She is a passionate advocate for providing children with an abundance of open-ended PLAY opportunities for self-discovery and self-mastery, as play is the vital stepping-stone for finding their ‘gifts’ for the world.

In this way, play can be seen as THE PLAYGROUND for finding one’s calling and this is the key to actualising one’s life’s potential.

Secure your spot in her next course, or shop her collection of inspiring hands-on resource guides and delightful creative activity books for teachers & educators on Amazon.


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