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goal purpose and a paycheck

HATE your job?  Or have really annoying colleagues?

Or maybe your manager is a micromanaging poo head who has created a narrative that you're not up to scratch, undermining your confidence and causing anxiety with every bit of 'feedback'?

Are you planning (or ready) to QUIT?

Or, are you looking for a new, more interesting position that challenges you and makes you grow, or a higher paid opportunity, but not having any luck?

Your job is a key contributor to your mental health and wellbeing. The way you feel about your job (and the work you do, and the people you're surrounded by, day after day) impacts your energy levels, your self-esteem and your belief in your own abilities.

All of this has a flow-on effect into your life at home, impacting your partner, kids, extended family, friends and community endeavours.

So if finding a better job is your goal, you’re in the right place.

This course can help you discover the jobs that are just right for you.

It shows you HOW to locate new real-life job or career opportunities suited to your abilities, both in your local area, or further afield, or - if you’re lucky - working remotely, from home online!

Imagine seven jam-packed modules delivered over seven weeks to explore the infinite possibilities of work options that lie in front of you.

(This is on top of the three free masterclasses you'll already have experienced!)

Your task is to use creative ways to find businesses and companies you might like to work for AND be bold to ask for what you want!

Let me be a lighthouse showing you the way.

Devote time to exploring your options and being shown infinite possibilities and this course may just change your life!


free masterclass introduction

This free three-part masterclass is designed to help you to:

  • discover what you'd like to do
  • do a deep dive into WHO you are (who you really are) to uncover what you truly value and appreciate in life and what lights you up
  • find your electricity, enchantments and superpowers
  • learn what you most love doing – your passions; what captivates you – curiosities; and what you are really, really good at – talents
  • work out your capacities and core appetites
  • nut this research down and consider what’s the best fit (or a good fit) for you in work
  • identify the kind of work you want to do, where and most importantly, WHY
  • build a comprehensive picture of what YOU have to offer – your transferable skills, your attitude, enthusiasm and curiosity
  • learn new strategies that can transform your job board search (the 20% distribution)

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- course content overview -
what you'll learn in seven jam-packed sessions

This seven-part paid course that follows the free introductory masterclass teaches you everything you need for a triumphant result! 

  • discover ways to master your mindset and change your perspective, seeing job seeking as a big adventure full of possibility!
  • implement positive daily habits to keep you uplifted,  motivated & full of resilience to cope with the no’s/not yet’s
  • learn ways to close any skills gaps you may have for a better chance at getting the roles you want
  • gain insight into effective networking with 'The 6 Degrees of Separation' theory
  • learn the Magic 100 concept (the 80% distribution)
  • discover hidden prospects, openings and surprise possibilities right under your nose that you never would have found otherwise!
  • locate businesses and companies you’ve NEVER HEARD OF that would be a good fit for you & learn how to get on the radar to ask about upcoming positions
  • identify the best companies that will help you learn and grow
  • know what employers want & become their employee of choice

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the nuts and bolts


Seven sessions; 2.5 hours each.


Access to a computer or laptop with Microsoft Office Word.

Connection to the internet (wifi or data) and the ability to open your emails to access the Zoom link.

Please check your Zoom Application is up to date on the day before the course will begin to make sure you can access the live session.


You must be able to use a computer to edit a simple word document.


Join the group to stay motivated, in high spirits, hold yourself and others accountable to their goals and actions, share your wins, stick the course by not taking it personally when you hear a 'no', and celebrate your job hunting success!

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Plus, receive my weekly cosy chitchat every Saturday morning. It's full of really useful career advice, tips for good health and wellbeing, and freebies! 

AND a gift too -  a 10% discount code to use on your first purchase of a course, book, service or coaching appointment.

PS: Did you know that I have an affiliate program for past participants & clients who have worked with me? Refer your friends, colleagues, family members and people you meet in the supermarket queue and EARN CASH* for your efforts!  *Terms & Conditions apply.


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