be irresistible * how to win at interviews
- online course via zoom -

interview course goal

This is a comprehensive interview skills training workshop that will give you the lead.

It's full of EVERYTHING you need to know about becoming IRRESISTIBLE to hiring managers, recruiters and the gatekeeper!

It's designed to teach you to be contagious, so you infect in the right way!

I'll teach you to be aware of bias - yours and theirs - so that you are aware of what you can do to help yourself avoid being rejected for no-good reason.


free masterclass introduction

This free one-part masterclass is designed to help you to:

  • master initial preparation for the interview
  • know the three parts to successful interviewing - preparation, physiology, and presentation
  • learn the types of interviews there are
  • know what to expect to be asked in an interview 
  • learn how to answer the top 10 interview questions correctly
  • how to avoid putting your foot in it!

Image credit: Amanda Vick  via Unsplash

- course content overview -
what you'll learn in three jam-packed sessions

This three-part paid course that follows the free introductory masterclass teaches you

  • a new repertoire of practical skills for interviewing that work
  • go in prepared so you never walk out kicking yourself for your awkward faux pas blunders!
  • how to manage your physiology so you maintain an optimum state
  • the power of non-verbal cues
  • the importance of mastering first impressions
  • how to develop likeability and rapport
  • how to makeover your presentation so that you can make a positive, influential impact on others that results in them seeing potential and the right fit in you
  • how to ask or answer questions about money

We'll laugh ourselves silly over some online faux pas, and learn the tips to make sure you don't end up in the same position accidentally!

Image credit: Kiraauf der Heide  via Unsplash


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the nuts and bolts


Three sessions; 2.5 hours each.


Access to a computer or laptop with Microsoft Office Word.

Connection to the internet (wifi or data) and the ability to open your emails to access the Zoom link.

Please check your Zoom Application is up to date on the day before the course will begin to make sure you can access the live session.


You must be able to use a computer to edit a simple word document.


Join the group to stay motivated, in high spirits, hold yourself and others accountable to their goals and actions, share your wins, stick the course by not taking it personally when you hear a 'no', and celebrate your job hunting success!

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Plus, receive my weekly cosy chitchat every Saturday morning. It's full of really useful career advice, tips for good health and wellbeing, and freebies! 

AND a gift too -  a 10% discount code to use on your first purchase of a course, book, service or coaching appointment.

PS: Did you know that I have an affiliate program for past participants & clients who have worked with me? Refer your friends, colleagues, family members and people you meet in the supermarket queue and EARN CASH* for your efforts!  *Terms & Conditions apply.


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