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your resume has undiscovered MAGICAL POWERS!

You'd have to agree with me that your ‘resume’ is the ONLY document on your computer, iPad, or in the cloud that can literally change your life in seconds.

One YES from the right employer can open doors to a whole new life!

The right job offer can:

  • boost your income significantly
  • expand the network of epic people you have access to
  • introduce you to a tribe of like-minded colleagues so you're around YOUR people, and
  • give you an invitation to world class training and development you couldn't get anywhere else.

Your resume is the golden key to ALL OF THAT.

The goal of your resume is to get someone to speak with you – that’s it.

Because if they are reaching out for a conversation, or to invite you in for an interview, then they believe that you possibly, and even likely, have the skills to do the job.

Love yourself enough to put the time & effort in to get it right, to make your resume stand out and rise above the crowd. This investment of energy could change your life.

Don't squander your opportunity with anything less than a first-class document.

This is especially important if your current job situation is less than ideal and you want out, quick smart.

A properly formatted resume with documented examples of your accomplishments and ‘excellence’ in the workplace improves your chances for getting a real, legitimate shot at an interview for the job!

In this course, you’ll be guided, step-by-step to create the ultimate resume you can be proud of.

This is the BEST resume-writing course for anyone who wants to learn how to write a winning resume that gets you more interviews!

Be informed of the secrets of resume writing that only professionals know.

You’ll learn:

  • how to make your resume stand out in a crowded room, by using unique strategies, tools and formatting guidelines that work
  • all the necessary skills you need for the future so you can quickly and easily tweak, edit, polish, and update the resume yourself at any time, so you can start applying for the jobs and positions you want straight away.
  • how to prep and streamline the job-hunting process so you never waste hours and hours of your life again. (Getting that free time back will be more than worth the investment of your time and money)

There's so many tips and tricks in the workshop, plus success stories of people who've gone before you.

Be the applicant with the resume that makes hiring managers and HR professional shout with joy!


free masterclass introduction

This free three-part masterclass is designed to help you to:

  • discover the true purpose of a resume, why you need one, and who exactly you are writing it for, so you can shape what you say to suit
  • learn the difference between a CV and resume
  • introduce you to Applicant Tracking systems (ATS)
  • word on the street says that 70% of job applications are rejected by this 'robot' before they even reach the hiring managers desk!
  • learn how to format your resume to beat the ATS so your resume avoids the reject pile and actually makes it to the person who is in charge of the hiring and interview process

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- course content overview -
what you'll learn in three jam-packed sessions

This three-part paid course that follows the free introductory masterclass teaches you everything you need to know about writing compelling resumes that attract attention and make you stand out from the crowd

  • see how an applicant tracking system works
  • gather a gigantic storehouse of potion ingredients
  • dig deep into your personality traits, character strengths and timeline of experience to build evidence of all the transferable skills you already possess for the jobs that are right for you
  • learn the method of writing and shaping a classic resume recipe
  • try hacks to fast track your ability to create a targeted, key-word rich resume in a jiffy, so you can be first off the rank to apply for new jobs that appear overnight
  • acquire skills on how to bring an element of storytelling to your resume writing that speaks to your results and how you delivered on targets, and key performance indicators
  • learn techniques to cleverly and inconspicuously talk yourself and your work skills up, without looking like a show-off or a smarty pants egomaniac. (You’ll love this tip!)
  • become proficient in editing and polishing your document

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the nuts and bolts


Three sessions; 2.5 hours each.


Access to a computer or laptop with Microsoft Office Word.

Connection to the internet (wifi or data) and the ability to open your emails to access the Zoom link.

Please check your Zoom Application is up to date on the day before the course will begin to make sure you can access the live session.


You must be able to use a computer to edit a simple word document.


Join the group to stay motivated, in high spirits, hold yourself and others accountable to their goals and actions, share your wins, stick the course by not taking it personally when you hear a 'no', and celebrate your job hunting success!

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