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Looking for a new job or opportunity, but not having any luck? We can help.

Welcome to BIG DREAMS COLLECTIVE where we stand firm in our mission of Changing People's Lives for Good by helping people get a job they love.


The team at BIG DREAMS COLLECTIVE and I specialise in:

#1: Resume Writing Done for You. 

Our #1 priority is to write irresistible resumes that attract the right attention, make you stand out from the crowd, and get you on the interview shortlist more often!

We call these our 'Magic Spells'.

Our Classic Resumes are designed to charm and enchant the 'gatekeeper' (hiring manager, recruiter or company boss) - the person with the power to give you the job!

#2: Career Documents

Cover Letters, Selection Criteria, Expression of Interest Letters, LinkedIn profiles

#3: Interview Skills Training


There are two levels of resume writing services available:


Includes a one-hour discovery discussion - $397.00
Suitable for most people.

Book your appointment here at a time that suits.


A VIP specialised service for highly skilled professionals - $697.00

Suitable for those who seek or need a more in-depth two-hour discovery discussion call  and subsequent follow up calls as required to share their accomplishments and expertise

Book your appointment here at a time that suits.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are no times available to suit your schedule, please email the office directly [email protected] so we can book you a time/day that works for you.

Resume first drafts are delivered within 72 hours.

If you require a fast turnaround, please select the VIP (24 hours) or URGENT priority service (by COB) from the add-on menu.


1:1 interview skills training session via zoom, phone or in-person.

Do not turn up to interviews without preparation!

Interviewing well is a skill you can learn.

Let me teach you all the tips and tricks that can help you become irresistible to the interview panel.

One hour of personalised coaching that can change everything

+ $250.00

Book your appointment here



Anyone booking a classic resume service can also add other services to their booking. (These services are additional add-ons only)

#1: Custom Tailoring a Resume/Cover Letter for an Advertised Job Opportunity

For those who are applying for job roles now, we offer an add-on Custom Tailoring service to create you a job-specific cover letter and tweak your Classic resume to suit, in order to beat the ATS system and give your resume a fighting chance of getting onto the shortlist.

+ $150.00 (per job application)

#2: Industry Specific 'Portable Resume' 

If you are hoping to take your storehouse of skills and use them in a different but similar industry to the one you currently work in, you will need a second version of your resume, a Portable Resume.

This version highlights your portable, transferable skills, accomplishments and examples of expertise that align or are useful in this niche, and targets them directly for this new sector, showing how your adaptable skills will be useful in helping the business to solve their problems.

For example: your Classic Resume frames your skills and experience for 'Teacher/Educator' roles, but your Portable Resume frames your skills for 'Event Manager/Administration Guru/Business Manager' roles.

Let us create this alternative version for you.

+ $100.00 (per industry)

#3: General Cover Letter Template

Let us create a general cover letter template for you that you can tweak for each new job opportunity, saving you time and effort.

All you have to do is add keywords and stories of your accomplishments that the match the job description requirements to the middle section of the document.

This is how you take back your life, because now you only need 15 minutes to custom tailor each cover letter for the jobs you want to go for, instead of hourse.

Invest and save yourself HOURS of frustration!

+ $100.00

#4: Selection Criteria

If you are applying for a role that requires you to answer Selection Criteria, we can help.

Choose a package of either 4, 6 or 8 selection criteria. Each SC will be up to 150 words showing your excellence in how you meet each requirement in story form.

+ $300.00 (up to 4 selection criteria)

+425.00 (5 - 6 selection criteria)

+ $550.00 (7- 8 selection criteria)


If you prefer to edit your own resume, book a Resume Review Service.

I'll spend 30 minutes on Zoom or on the phone with you, showing you how to improve both the formatting and content of your resume so you can DIY.


Level 2 resume - qualified professional new


Your resume has MAGICAL POWERS! 

You'd have to agree with me that your "resume" is the ONLY document on your computer or ipad that can literally change your life, in seconds!

One YES from the right employer can open up doors to a whole new life!

The right job offer can:

  • boost your income significantly
  • expand the network of people you have access to
  • introduce you to a tribe of like-minded colleagues so you're around YOUR people, and
  • give you an invitation to world class training and development you couldn't get anywhere else.

Your resume is the golden key to ALL OF THAT.

It is DEFINITELY worth the investment of your time and money to get it right.

Don't squander your opportunity with anything less than a first class document.

This is especially important if your current job situation is less than ideal and you want out, quick smart.

Your job is a key contributor to your mental health and wellbeing. The way you feel about your job (and the work you do, and the people you're surrounded by day after day) impacts your energy levels, your confidence, and your self-esteem. All of this has a flow-on effect into your life at home, impacting your partner, kids, extended family, friends and community endeavours.

If you're not in the right job, and you want to find a better fit, a professionally written resume that highlights the things you love to do, AND are good at, as well as showcases the stories of your whiz-bang accomplishments and measurable results of success is the ticket to a new, better life.

Let us help you. We are masters of the craft, and know how to write your resume so it does the one and only thing it is supposed to do - get someone to talk to you. 

(Succeeding in the interview is another thing altogether. it's why we also offer interview skills training to get you ready so you walk in confident, assured, without feeling needy or desperate, with the ability to create rapport and win over the person with the power to say YES to you!)



DID YOU KNOW that 75% of resumes are never read by a human, or even reach the desk of the person in charge of interviewing?


Because it wasn't formatted properly, or does not contain the right type of information or keywords, to beat the ATS bot (or come up in the hiring managers search results because the filter couldn't find you).

What is an ATS robot, you ask? 

ATS Robots are a nickname for resume scanning software (called an Applicant Tracking System).

An ATS system is used by recruiters, AND employers large and small, to filter the influx of job applications to ensure only those with the "RIGHT" qualifications, training, and experience get past the front door, even though YOU could be their next dream hire! 

That means the rejection letters you receive might be nothing more than an automatic system response from a "bot" who decided YOU weren't a "good fit" for the job, based solely on the information IN (or MISSING FROM) your resume!

Writing resumes that beat the ATS system is a professional skill.

Stop wasting hours and hours of your time and effort making an amateur resume that doesn't do the job it's designed to do.

Let me write a new resume or revamp your resume for you and get you over the hurdle. 

We'll make sure it has safe and proper formatting and the right keyword ratio so it can actually get past the "Applicant Tracking System" (ATS)to where it needs to go - eg, the hiring manager's desk!.

More importantly, we'll fill your resume with captivating stories of your UNIQUE TRANSFERABLE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE, from your work (but also from your life). 

Originality and Creativity are the two key factors that make your resume cut through the noise, and what makes the resume so compelling to read that the hiring manager can't put it down!

The end result will show the business or company how and why you'll be a good fit for them, so they can't wait to pick up the phone and call you for an interview!

Click here for everything you need to know - what's included in a resume revamp or brand new resume service, turnaround times and our RESUME PRICING GUARANTEE.

You've got one chance to make a good impression.

Don't waste your precious time, energy or brainpower on things you don't love doing or are not professionally trained to do.

Invest in getting it right and call in an expert. 

Book your resume appointment today.

Limited spots for this month now available.


Our BIG DREAMS COLLECTIVE promise is to provide upfront pricing and fixed fees with NO HIDDEN COSTS.

All prices are listed directly in plain sight on our website.

We offer a 7-day 100% Money Back Guarantee* on all our Resume Writing Services and Career Documents (Cover Letters, Expression of Interest letters, Selection Criteria, and LinkedIn profile updates).

We are committed to outstanding care & service (beyond excellence), OR YOUR MONEY BACK*, no questions asked.

If you aren’t happy with our service or care, for ANY reason, get in touch with us within 7 days* 

Email [email protected]

We will either do what we can to solve the problem with you, OR refund you in full. 


That’s our BIG DREAMS COLLECTIVE promise.

Proof of our commitment to serving our clients with heartfelt care, attention, and love.

(*The 7-day Money Back Guarantee starts from the date the first draft is emailed to you.)

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