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The one-stop shop, helping you to find a job you love. 

At Big Dreams Career Services, we specialise in:

My alter-ego is 'The Resume Alchemist.'

An alchemist is someone who transforms things for the better.

I'm like a scientist with a wand.

I draw out the MAGIC in you so you can enchant and charm the hiring managers in charge of the jobs you want.

No AI tool can do what a Resume Alchemist can do!

I work with you 1:1. You'll meet me on zoom, and we'll spend 90 minutes or so together, where I'll ask you unique, personalised questions that will spark and ignite your memory of all the examples of your expertise, experience and excellence.

I LOVE this part of my job. Every person I've ever worked with has wowed me with the stories of the amazing, outstanding things they have done in their life.

Book in and you can be next! 

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what drew you here?

Aren't we all magnets?

Perhaps you see in me a kindred spirit? (I like to hope so!)

I always say I'm my own 'Science Experiment'.

Just a girl trying all the things to see what works.

Today, I'm practicing being brave and bold.

Being visible.

Recording a podcast (here's the link to them on Spotify) and showing up on social media in all my raw authenticity, with my wild curly untameable hair, passion for colourful jumpsuits, and complete distaste for corporate wear and competition, takes courage.

because, seriously. WHO AM I to share what I have learned and what I know? 

I'm just a kooky girl from the Gold Coast of Australia who loves to dance, and wants to be Taylor Swift's next best friend!

But clients and course participants keep telling me they wish their friends and family members and teenage kids could hear some of what I have to say.

That my words, my musings, my questions, the things I do, my energy, and/or the way I see the world have changed their life.

So here we are.

this is my compendium of ideas

Being generous is my top value, so I'm here to share EVERYTHING I've learned on the road of life through the ups, and the dips.

It is my greatest hope that you take everything I say, do, and share from this place of generosity.

There are no rules. No dogma. You are free to do whatever you please.

be your own science experiment

Pick and choose what resonates with you.

Try the things for yourself if you dare. (It is the way.)

I share the practices that have changed my life for good. I sincerely hope they do the same for you.

But if what I say is not your cup of tea, and we're not a match, I hope you find what you are looking for elsewhere.

xx Amber 🙂

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If you find yourself looking for a way to support my work, here's the three best ways to do so. Grateful <3. Thank you.

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PS: 10% of every sale is split between my two fave charities - RSL Art Union and Give to Give Foundation so your investment in me directly invests in others too!

Thank you!

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RESUME 800 X 600

resume writing service

Resume Writing is my bread and butter.

I write Spellbinding Resumes that enchant the 'gatekeeper' and whisper 'Open Sesame', so that doors fly open and you get more interviews!

Click here to book your appointment with me in person today!

lock in a session of interview skills training

Once you have a completed resume, and it starts casting spells out in the world, book a session of interview skills training.

Learn how to charm the pants off the gatekeeper and WIN THE JOB!

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I also coach people one-on-one via Zoom. I can help you with career transition and getting a job you love.

Let me help you find a new vision of the future, in work that is perfectly suited to you and your goals.

If you're sick of what you do because it's not what you're here on earth to do, and want to change direction but don't know how, I can assist. Let's look at what possibilities lie in front of you.

Let me give you the practical know-how you need so you're ready to choose your next adventure!  I guarantee my passion for helping you find the right fit will make you excited about work and life again!

Let me show you how to find those businesses and companies that would be an awesome employer for YOU.  A place where they need your particular gifts, talents, skills and drive to reach their goals. A place full of good, kind human beings just like you to work with. A place where you'll be energised and enthusiastic about your work because it's meaningful and purposeful to you!

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more fun stuff

visit roam the gnome family travel blog

Check out my travel blog

There are hundreds of cool adventures for families with kids on here.

Visiting the real Santa in Lapland is top of the list.

We love Disney adventures too!

say hello and i'll reply personally!

PS: It's so lovely to meet you and have you visit my online home.

One thing I always do when guests (and course participants) arrive is to ask them to tell me a little bit about themselves. So, welcome to my club.

Give me a self portrait of your life in seven nouns describing the roles you play most often, and seven 'hallmarks' of how others might best describe you.

Today, I'll go first.

Here are my seven role titles...

Traveller. Storyteller. Philosopher (Searcher for meaning). Helper. Guide/Lighthouse. Celebrator. Mother (last, but not least)

I aspire to be an "Alchemist - someone who transforms things for the better. 

... and seven hallmarks.

Alive!  Enthusiastic. Curious. Playful. Warm/Open. Passionate. Grounded

What are yours? 

Share them with me: [email protected] and I'll reply personally!

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